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Military Honor Services
A number of people are not aware that military honors services are obtainable to all veterans despite of rank or location of burial. The military does not require payment for these services. We will do the best to arrange as many honors as possible. We consider the ordering of military honors a high order of business. At this time, we make all honor service request through The Florida National Cemetery. Military honors will be performed as long as honor team members are available. Because of limited and restricted personnel we sometimes use an honors team from groups such as a local VFW.

Burial Flag
An entitled deceased veteran's family member will be given a flag. The Veteran must have an honorable discharged. Flag is folded and presented to. We will acquire flag for presentation.

Bugler to play "taps"
Lone soldier plays "taps".

21 gun salute
7 soldiers fire 3 volleys of ammunition. Cannot guaranteed this service.

Burial in National Cemetery.
All honorably discharged veterans are permitted without charge a grave space for the veteran, spouse and dependent children. Certain conditions to be met:

Honorably discharged veteran serving any length of time before 9/7/80.
Veterans entering service after this time must serve 24 months of continuous active duty or for the full time for which the person was called to active duty

All associated cemetery services and merchandise are also free.

Headstone or Marker.
At National Cemetery, veteran, spouse and dependent children receive at no cost a headstone. If burial is in a private cemetery, government will supply a simple marker for the veteran only, if the grave is not marked.

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